The Board of Directors of RDF

BOARD MEMBER: Sheri Prucka

Sheri Prucka’s journey from her roots in riding hunters to her role as Founder, President, and CEO of Wasatch Lusitanos exemplifies her passion for horses and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Having grown up riding primarily Thoroughbreds, Sheri’s introduction to the Lusitano breed opened up a whole new world of possibilities in the equestrian realm. Her collaboration with Nuno Matos, coupled with her own experiences riding Lusitanos, laid the foundation for the establishment of Wasatch Lusitanos, a testament to her vision and dedication.

Sheri’s academic background in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech, along with her entrepreneurial endeavors founding Prucka Engineering alongside her husband, highlights her diverse skill set and ability to excel in various fields. Her success in developing medical instrumentation for Cardiac Electrophysiology underscores her capacity for innovation and problem-solving.

Despite her professional achievements, Sheri’s love for horses remained a constant in her life. Her return to horses after focusing on her career and raising a family speaks to her enduring passion for equestrian pursuits.

Furthermore, Sheri’s role as the founder of the US Lusitano Association demonstrates her commitment to promoting and advocating for the Lusitano breed in the United States. Her leadership within this organization, as well as her affiliation with APSL, showcases her dedication to advancing the interests of Lusitano enthusiasts and breeders.

Overall, Sheri Prucka’s contributions to the equestrian community, both through her entrepreneurial ventures and her advocacy for the Lusitano breed, are truly commendable. As a key member of the board of directors for the Rama Dressage Foundation, her expertise and passion undoubtedly enrich the organization’s mission and goals.

BOARD MEMBER: Maggie McDonald

Maggie McDonald’s love for horses started at an early age. Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, she did not have access to many trainers or horse barns with lesson programs. She counted herself lucky when she was sometimes able to ride a friend’s pony that lived in the fields with the cows and she worked summers as a trail guide at a camp, just to be around horses. When she went to college, Maggie worked 3 jobs while attending school full time, to be able to afford lessons and then finally purchase and support her own rescued quarter horse mare.

Maggie has a Masters in Recreation Management with a focus on Nonprofits and was the Executive Director of a therapeutic riding program for 8 years before moving to the east coast and becoming the full-time Managing Director of Sons of the Wind Farm. While in her role as Executive Director, she was able to grow the program 150% as well as run a successful capital campaign that enabled the program to establish a permanent location and build an indoor arena. Her goal has always been to combine her love of horses with her passion for helping people.

Having grown up riding primarily western and then hunter/jumpers, Maggie’s introduction to dressage provided a different level of training, riding and horsemanship. She started training with classical dressage master, Vitor Silva, of Sons of the Wind Farm and was able to go from never having shown dressage to Grand Prix in just a few years. She is a USDF gold medalist, PATH International Certified Instructor, Massachusetts Certified Instructor and USEF Para-dressage Coach. She works closely with the dressage community as a rider, instructor, trainer and breeder.

Maggie brings her experience in helping non-profits develop effective strategies within the equestrian industry to the Rama Dressage Foundation. She is thrilled with this opportunity to help others realize their dreams.

DIRECTOR & TREASURER: Bruce Vanderlaan

Bruce Vanderlaan brings a wealth of legal and business expertise to the Rama Dressage Foundation as a Director and Treasurer. He began his legal career in 1992 with Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett, where he represented and advised numerous businesses and healthcare practices. His comprehensive involvement spans from business formation and operations to handling employment matters, marketing strategies, and navigating complex sales, mergers, and equity investments. Bruce holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is an honors graduate of the University of Detroit School of Law.

In 2010, Bruce transitioned his career from Michigan to Florida, where he started a new business and continued to expand his influence in the business community. He has served as an advisor to the FGCU Small Business Development Center, the Entrepreneurship Institute, and the Southwest Florida Health Management Association/MGMA chapter. In 2018, he joined Mertz Taggart, a premier investment bank specializing in healthcare mergers and acquisitions, where he has successfully guided numerous agency owners through the marketplace. Bruce’s extensive background in legal and financial management positions him as a vital asset to the foundation.

As a Director and Treasurer of the Rama Dressage Foundation, Bruce oversees the financial health of the organization, implements effective governance practices, and supports the strategic vision of the foundation. His legal acumen and meticulous approach ensure robust governance and financial stability, aligning the foundation’s activities with its long-term goals. Bruce’s leadership and strategic insights are instrumental in fostering sustainable growth and maximizing the foundation’s impact in empowering young equestrians and advancing the sport of dressage.


Sarah S. Rama’s journey with dressage began in her youth, marked by boundless aspirations and an unwavering determination. Despite challenges, her indomitable spirit thrived, and she seized every opportunity to excel, training under esteemed dressage trainers such as Neil & Cynthia Ishoy, Gwen Stockebrand, and Reiner Klimke. These experiences deeply ingrained in her an appreciation for the artistry and athleticism of dressage, shaping her future endeavors.

Transitioning from being an active competitor, Sarah pursued a distinguished career in international law, establishing a successful legal practice with a global reach, specializing in serving elite international clients. Her legal career, characterized by relentless pursuit of excellence and meticulous attention to detail, mirrored the dedication she showed in the dressage arena.

Today, as the founder of Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc., Sarah is driven by a fervent desire to give back to the sport that shaped her formative years. Her foundation aims to bridge the gap for young riders aspiring to reach the pinnacle of dressage excellence, providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to compete at the Grand Prix level. Under Sarah’s leadership, the foundation is dedicated to empowering young riders, encouraging them to unlock their full potential and achieve international success.

Sarah’s vision for the foundation is not just about achieving competitive excellence; it’s about creating a lasting legacy of empowerment, inspiration, and opportunity for generations of dressage riders. With Sarah at the helm, Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc. is set to usher in a new era of excellence in dressage.

Board of Directors