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Corporate sponsorships play a vital role in supporting the Foundation’s mission to educate and empower. By partnering with us, corporations can directly contribute to the development of the next generation of dressage talent. Opportunities include event sponsorships, scholarships, training programs, and facility enhancements, each providing valuable exposure and demonstrating a commitment to youth development and equestrian excellence.

Becoming a corporate sponsor offers numerous benefits, including brand visibility at our events, recognition on our website and marketing materials, and the chance to engage with a passionate and dedicated community. Your support will not only help young riders achieve their dreams but also associate your brand with a cause that promotes discipline, sportsmanship, and lifelong learning.

Exceptional Training

Corporate sponsorship ensures riders receive top tier coaching and resources.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Sponsorships help provide a premier environment for training and development.

Comprehensive Scholarships

Sponsorships allow riders to pursue their passion without financial constraints.

Future of Dressage

You sponsor the future, helping to nurture and develop the next generation.

Why choose Rama Dressage?

We are one of the premier equestrian charitable organizations in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we welcome any and all donations from corporate givers – from one-time donations to planned giving to corporate sponsorships.

We offer various sponsorships, including event sponsorships, scholarships, training programs, and facility enhancements.

Contact us to discuss your interests and goals. We will create a customized sponsorship package that fits your company’s needs.

Sponsors receive brand visibility at events, recognition on our website and marketing materials, and the opportunity to engage with our community.

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For your convenience and security, all donations made to the Rama Dressage Foundation through our website are processed via PayPal.