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Instructor sponsorships are an invaluable way for experienced equestrian professionals to contribute to the Rama Dressage Foundation’s mission. By becoming an instructor sponsor, you can offer your expertise and mentorship to our young riders, helping them develop their skills and reach their full potential in the sport of dressage. Your involvement will provide our riders with access to top-quality training and guidance, which is essential for their growth and success.

As an instructor sponsor, you will have the opportunity to work directly with our talented riders, share your knowledge, and witness their progress firsthand. Your commitment will be recognized on our website and at foundation events, showcasing your dedication to fostering the next generation of dressage champions. Join us as an instructor sponsor and make a profound impact by nurturing and inspiring young talent.

Exceptional Training

Instructor sponsorship ensures riders receive top tier coaching and resources.

Unmatched Mentorship

Sponsors help provide a mentoring environment for training and development.

Complimentary Lessons

Sponsors allow riders to pursue their passion without financial constraints.

Future of Dressage

You instruct the future, helping to nurture and develop the next generation.

Why choose Rama Dressage?

We are one of the premier equestrian charitable organizations in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An instructor sponsorship involves experienced equestrian professionals offering their expertise and mentorship to young riders.

Contact us to discuss your experience and availability. We will work with you to create a suitable plan.

You will mentor young riders, share your knowledge, and be recognized on our website and at events.

The commitment varies based on your availability and our needs, from occasional clinics to regular sessions.

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