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Help us make this the most impactful event of the year by becoming a corporate sponsor. Donations will empower our efforts through 2024 and into 2025!

Why Choose to Sponsor the Rama Dressage Foundation?

By donating $2,500, your business will directly support the foundation, its talented young riders, and future events. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax-deductible, making your contribution not only impactful but also financially beneficial. Our goal is to secure 30 new corporate sponsors to enhance our programs and extend our reach.

Corporate Sponsorship Benefits:
  • Dressage Arena Banner: Your business logo will be prominently displayed on a 3×5 banner in the dressage arena at the USLA Summit at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida in October of this year.
  • Dressage Awards Branding: Your corporate logo will appear on the Rama Dressage events USLA/RDF awards, offering a level of lifetime visibility you’ll achieve in no other way..
  • Print Material Recognition: Your business name will be featured on RDF print materials during the week of the conference showcasing your support of the event and our young riders.
  • RDF Website Presence: Enjoy a corporate sponsorship spot on the RDF website for one year, informing the public of your company’s commitment to providing opportunity for deserving young riders.
  • WEC Event Access: Receive two tickets to the USLA Conference and the USLA Rising Stars Model and Movement Challenge taking place in October at the WEC in Ocala, Florida, providing a great networking opportunity.
How to Become a Corporate Sponsor for the Event:

Supporting our foundation is easy and impactful. Simply make your $2,500 donation through our secure online platform. Your generous contribution will help us achieve our goal of 30 new sponsors, ensuring the continued success and growth of our young equestrians.

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October 2024 USLA Conference Highlights – Schedule of Events

Tuesday, October 15:
  • USLA Conference Symposium:Start the conference with a day filled with educational talks and presentations focused on Lusitano horses.
  • Evening Reception:An opening reception for all conference attendees to meet, mingle, and set the stage for a week of immersive equestrian experiences.
Wednesday, October 16:
  • Dressage Master Class with Rafael Soto: Learn from one of the best as Rafael Soto leads a master class in dressage.
  • Evening:A special dinner for USLA Breeder members and VIPs, offering an intimate setting for networking and discussion.
Thursday, October 17:
  • In-Hand Master Class with Rafael Soto:Continue learning from Rafael Soto with a focus on handling and presenting horses in-hand.
  • Iberian Showcase Gala Dinner:An elegant evening hosted by our partner, the Iberian Showcase, celebrating the rich culture and history of the Iberian horse.
Friday, October 18:
  • Working Equitation Master Class with Pedro Torres:Gain insights into working equitation from Pedro Torres, an acclaimed expert in the field.
  • USLA Rising Stars Competition, Fillies and Mares:Witness the future stars of the breed as fillies and mares compete in the first segment of the Rising Stars Model and Movements Challenge.
  • Iberian Showcase Performance:An evening performance delivered by the Iberian Showcase, featuring stunning displays of Iberian horsemanship.
Saturday, October 19:
  • Working Equitation Master Class with Pedro Torres:Another opportunity to learn from Pedro Torres in a second session of the master class.
  • USLA Rising Stars Competition, Colts and Stallions:The competition continues with colts and stallions taking the stage.
  • Iberian Showcase Performance: Another evening of captivating performances, proudly presented by the Iberian Showcase.
Sunday, October 20:
  • Morning Awards:Conclude the competition segments of the conference with an awards ceremony recognizing the top performers.
  • USLA Lusitano Revision:A session focused on the evaluation and grading of Lusitano horses, ensuring breed standards and quality.
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WEC Sponsorship Packet: WEC Sponsorship Packet
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Thank You in Advance for Your Generous Gift!

Thank you for considering a sponsorship with the Rama Dressage Foundation. Your support not only helps young riders achieve their dreams but also promotes the future of dressage. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the sport and the lives of aspiring equestrians.

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