Rama Dressage Foundation Hosts Prestigious Event in Ocala, FL, Featuring USLA Young Rider, October 15-20, 2024

Florida, 6/4/2024 – Rama Dressage Foundation is proud to announce its upcoming event, set to take place in Ocala, FL, from October 15th to 20th, 2024. This highly anticipated gathering will showcase the talent and dedication of a remarkable USLA Young Rider while calling upon attendees to support and contribute to this noble cause.

The event aims to shine a spotlight on the Rama Dressage Foundation’s mission of empowering young riders and promoting excellence in the sport of dressage. At its heart lies a young equestrian prodigy from the United States Lusitano Association (USLA), whose journey epitomizes the foundation’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for aspiring riders to flourish.

Throughout the six-day event, attendees will have the privilege of witnessing the grace and skill of this exceptional young rider as they demonstrate their prowess in the arena. From captivating dressage performances to engaging educational sessions, the program promises to captivate and inspire all who attend.

In addition to showcasing the talent of the USLA Young Rider, the event serves as a call to action for attendees to support the Rama Dressage Foundation’s mission through donations and sponsorship. By contributing to this worthy cause, individuals and organizations can play a vital role in providing resources and opportunities for young riders to pursue their dreams and excel in the sport of dressage.

We are thrilled to host this prestigious event in Ocala, FL, and to highlight the incredible talent of our USLA Young Rider, said Sarah Rama, Founder at Rama Dressage Foundation. “Through this event, we hope to raise awareness and support for our foundation’s mission of empowering young riders and fostering a culture of excellence in dressage.”

The Rama Dressage Foundation event in Ocala, FL, presents a unique opportunity for equestrian enthusiasts, sponsors, and supporters to come together in celebration of the sport and its future stars. Attendees are encouraged to mark their calendars and join us for an unforgettable experience filled with inspiration, camaraderie, and the beauty of dressage.

For more information about the event or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sarah Rama at sarah@ramadressagefoundation.org or visit www.ramadressagefoundation.org.

About Rama Dressage Foundation:

Rama Dressage Foundation is a Florida-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young riders and promoting excellence in the sport of dressage. Through scholarships, training programs, and educational initiatives, the foundation strives to provide opportunities for aspiring equestrians to reach their full potential.

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