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Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc., Announces Rising Star Young Rider Sponsored by Rama Dressage Foundation to Showcase Talent at USLA Conference in Ocala, FL.

Ocala, FL, June 15, 2024 – Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc., a dedicated advocate for the advancement of dressage and the empowerment of young equestrians, is thrilled to announce Jose Fialho as the recipient of the prestigious sponsorship from the Rama Dressage Foundation, in collaboration with the United States Lusitano Association (USLA). Jose Fialho will be representing Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc. as a Rising Star Young Rider at the upcoming USLA Conference in Ocala, FL, from October 15 to 20, 2024.

Jose Fialho, a talented young rider known for their passion, dedication, and exceptional skill in dressage, has been selected to participate in this unique opportunity to showcase their talent on a national stage. With the generous support of the Rama Dressage Foundation, Jose Fialho will have the opportunity to ride and compete in Ocala, FL, alongside some of the brightest talents in the equestrian world.

“We are delighted to announce Jose Fialho as our Rising Star Young Rider sponsored by the Rama Dressage Foundation,” said Sarah S. Rama ESQ, LL.M., Founder at Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc. “This sponsorship represents our commitment to nurturing the next generation of dressage riders and providing them with opportunities to excel in the sport. We are excited to see Jose Fialho showcase his talent and represent our organization at the USLA Conference.”

As part of the USLA Conference in Ocala, FL, Jose Fialho will have the chance to participate in a variety of events and activities, including dressage competitions, educational clinics, and networking opportunities with industry professionals. This experience will not only allow him to further develop their skills and knowledge in dressage but also serve as a platform to inspire other young riders and enthusiasts.

“We are proud to support Jose Fialho of Portugal as he embarks on this exciting journey to Ocala, FL,” said Sarah S. Rama, ESQ, LL.M., Founder of the Rama Dressage Foundation. “Through our relationships with Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc., and the USLA, we are committed to providing young riders like Jose Fialho with the support and resources they need to succeed in dressage. We look forward to seeing Jose Fialho shine at the USLA Conference.”

The sponsorship of Jose Fialho by the Rama Dressage Foundation underscores the organizations’ shared commitment to fostering talent, promoting excellence, and advancing the sport of dressage. Together, they are dedicated to empowering young equestrians like Jose Fialho and helping them reach their full potential in the sport.

For more information about Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc., and its programs for young riders, please visit Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc., at www.ramadressagefoundation.org or contact Sarah S. Rama at sarah@ramadressagefoundation.org.

Media Contact:
Sarah S. Rama ESQ., LL.M. – Founder
Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc.

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