Director & Treasurer

Bruce Vanderlaan, ESQ.

Bruce Vanderlaan serves as the Director and Treasurer of the Foundation, bringing extensive legal and business expertise to our organization.

Bruce’s Story

As Director and Treasurer, Bruce oversees the foundation’s financial health, implements effective governance practices, and supports our strategic vision. He manages budgets, oversees financial planning, and ensures compliance with regulations, promoting transparency and accountability. Bruce’s strategic insights help align the foundation’s activities with its long-term goals, fostering sustainable growth and impact. His legal acumen and meticulous approach are crucial in safeguarding the foundation’s assets and reputation, significantly contributing to the foundation’s mission. He is member of the Florida Bar and Michigan Bar in good standing for over 30 years.


Bruce has advised the FGCU Small Business Development Center, the Entrepreneurship Institute, and the Southwest Florida Health Management Association/MGMA chapter.


Bruce’s Achievements

Bruce has been part of a winning crew in the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, the Queen’s Cup, and has qualified for and completed the Boston Marathon.

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