Jose Fialho

Jose Fialho, a dedicated equestrian from Benedita, Portugal, began his journey into the world of horses at the age of 6. Jose Fialho is a committed and industrious individual with a deep-seated passion for horses and equestrian sports. Demonstrating a robust drive, he swiftly rose through regional and national championships, achieving notable success as a Regional Champion and National Vice-champion in the under-16 category. After studying at the Pedro Torres Academy and working alongside renowned figures such as Olympic rider Daniel Pinto, Jose now brings his wealth of experience and passion for equestrian sports as an Olympic hopeful.
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Narrative: Ze Marie: Jose Fialho

Ze Marie: Jose Fialho’s journey from his beginnings in Benedita, Portugal, to becoming a rising star at Wasatch Lusitanos showcases his passion, dedication, and talent in the world of dressage. Starting his equestrian journey at the age of 6, Jose’s interest in horses flourished from a young age. His early exposure to riding laid the foundation for his future successes. Acquiring a Lusitano horse from the esteemed competitor Miguel Da Fonseca further fueled his ambitions, leading him to regional and national championships where he achieved notable accolades, including Regional Champion and National Vice-Champion in the under-16 category.

His pursuit of excellence continued as he joined the Pedro Torres Academy, where he dedicated five years to honing his skills and knowledge in dressage, earning the highest honors for his work. This commitment to continuous improvement speaks volumes about Zé Maria’s determination and ambition.

Further enriching his experience, Zé Maria had the privilege of working with Olympic rider Daniel Pinto and Coudelaria José Bríto Eusegio, gaining valuable insights and mentorship from seasoned professionals in the field.

Now, as he embarks on the next chapter of his journey with Wasatch Lusitanos, Zé Maria brings with him a wealth of experience, passion, and potential. His partnership with the Rama Dressage Foundation and collaboration with top trainers like Nuno Mattos promise an exciting future filled with opportunities for growth and success in the world of dressage.





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