Foundation Staff

Lily Vanderlaan

Lily Vanderlaan, a key member of the Foundation’s operations staff, is essential to the smooth running of the Rama Dressage Foundation.

Lily’s Story

Lily Vanderlaan, is a vital member of the Rama Dressage Foundation’s operations staff. Known for her exceptional organizational skills and warm, welcoming demeanor, Lily plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of daily activities. Her ability to keep the team on schedule and coordinated means that nothing happens without her direct involvement. Lily’s dedication and efficiency significantly enhance the productivity and cohesion of the team, making her an indispensable part of the foundation’s success.


Lily is a skilled operations manager and event coordinator with a diverse background, enabling her to handle a wide range of Foundation tasks.


Lily’s Contributions

Nothing happens without Lily’s direct involvement, and her contributions make us a better and more efficient team.

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